Boosted Bullitt

Michael Johnson
 Technical Editor
August 26, 2016

When the discussion on powerful Mustang engines come up you usually hear the words Coyote, Terminator, Voodoo, Trinity, and the like. One of the engines that won’t come up in the conversation is the lowly Two-Valve. Making its debut in the 1996 Mustang GT, it was the Four-Valve Cobra’s little brother. And like all little brothers, it was treated to its fair share of getting beat up, called names, and hand-me-down Cobra emblems by people who wish they had a Cobra.

If there’s a pinnacle of Mustang Two-Valve performance it would be the 2001 Bullitt. With an aluminum intake, instead of the more pedestrian plastic intake found on GT models, the Bullitt was a natural for boosted applications.

One person taking advantage of this fact is Airville, Pennsylvania’s Calvin Atwell. He has recently started to take his Bullitt to the next level. He removed the engine to smooth out the engine compartment to ready it for a Paxton Novi intercooled supercharger, Accufab throttle body, ported Bullitt intake, BBK Performance long-tube headers and X-pipe, and a Bassani after-cat exhaust. Behind the for-now stock engine is a McLeod RST clutch, Tremec TKO-600 transmission with a Pro 5.0 shifter, a Ford Performance aluminum driveshaft, and Revolution Auto-built 8.8 with 4.10 gears.

Calvin outfitted the Bullitt with suspension pieces from Maximum Motorsports, Eibach, and Steeda Autosports. When it’s time to brake for the corners, Calvin relies on Baer brakes and 18×9/18×10 Bullitt replica wheels wrapped Nitto NT05 treads. You’ll notice it has 2000 Cobra R replicas in this picture, but it will have the Bullitt wheels when the car exits the paint booth. “The car is getting fully-painted, and has a Cervini’s 2003-2004 Cobra hood on it,” Calvin says. The interior is also getting a makeover using TMI Products leather Bullitt seat covers, and a few other custom touches.

Revolution Automotive will tune the car, which will receive fuel from a Glenn’s Performance Cobra tank and fuel pumps. Calvin hopes to have the Bullitt done in October. His performance goal with the stock engine is around 425-450 horsepower at the wheels, but Modular Power Solutions is building the new engine using a Teksid block, ported PI heads, and Comp cams. “I’m hoping to make 600-plus horsepower at the wheels,” Calvin says. Perfect!

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