New model brings serialized Shelby vehicle ownership within reach

Mark Houlahan
Tech Editor, Mustang Monthly
September 2, 2016

Photos By: Rob Kinnan, Shelby American, Inc.

We couldn’t think of a better location for Shelby American to announce their latest post-title vehicle package than the hallowed garages at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, in conjunction with the Mustang Club of America’s 40th Anniversary show Labor Day weekend 2016. Mustang-360 staff are on site here at the Speedway all weekend covering various activities and we surely weren’t about to miss the unveiling of the new Shelby GTE.

The GTE (E stands for Enhancement) debuts as the lowest priced post-title vehicle conversion Shelby has ever offered on the Mustang platform. It is a great launch pad for enthusiasts looking to get into a Shelby serialized Mustang with that much sought after CSM number. The GTE package is inspired by the success of the Shelby GT and Shelby GT-H programs; the Shelby GTE offers legendary Shelby performance and styling at an affordable price of just $17,999 (plus the base cost of vehicle).

“From the Ferrari-beating Shelby Cobra to the 1965 Shelby G.T.350, Shelby American has always delivered world-class performance at a great value for everyone, not just the one percenters,” said Joe Conway, Co-CEO of Carroll Shelby International and CEO of Shelby American. “Our newest cars are cast from that same mold, delivering affordable excitement for everyone. When the public begged for a version of the Ford Shelby GT-H rental car that they could own, we applied the winning formula from the Hertz program to the Mustang. Working with our friends at Ford Performance, we created an affordable car that delivers full-throttle excitement and remarkable styling.”

The crowd anxiously waits the unveiling of the new GTE.

Shelby American’s Vince LaViolette and Gary Patterson pull back the cover on the Lightning Blue 5.0L supercharged Shelby GTE for the crowd.

When it comes to Shelby vehicles history often repeats itself. In 2006, Shelby, Ford and Hertz launched a new rental car program. The limited availability of these GT-H models sent the public in a whirlwind looking to snatch these rare Shelbys up. To satisfy enthusiasts Shelby and Ford developed the 2007 Shelby GT, which was launched and sold through American Ford dealers. The Shelby GT matched the performance capabilities of the rental version, but could be optioned with a manual transmission and as a convertible.

Ten years later, Shelby, Ford, and Hertz collaborated on once again offering a Ford Shelby GT-H for rent. The new Shelby GTE development can be traced back to the same demand for this new GT-H today. The GTE is based on the all new world-class Ford Mustang. Complete with an independent rear suspension and several powertrain options, it is the best performance Mustang in history. With Ford now exporting the Mustang globally, plans are being developed to offer the Shelby GTE outside of the USA and Canada, also. Just like the 2007 Shelby GT, you can order your GTE with a manual transmission and in a convertible body style, something no Hertz Shelby GT-H has.

“Every high-octane attribute expected of a Shelby car is incorporated into an affordable package that will be available at any of our North American mod shops,” said Keith Belair, COO of Shelby American. “The Shelby GTE gives every fan the opportunity to drive the sports car of their dreams.”

Under the hood of this Shelby, customers can choose Ford’s iconic 5.0 V8 engine that pumps out 456 horsepower or the powerful 2.3L EcoBoost engine that delivers a head turning 335 horsepower. Additional performance upgrades include a Ford Performance cat-back exhaust and handling pack, as well as 19-inch Ford Performance wheels. One look at the pony car reveals unique Shelby styling. The car is fitted with official badges, Shelby-designed vented hood, carbon fiber front splitter and rear spoiler. Inside, it also features Shelby GTE logos on the head restraint, sill plates and floor mats.

“The Shelby GTE can be easily tailored for the road or the track, or even both” said Shelby American Vice President Gary Patterson. “And with our full range of Shelby performance parts, the possibilities are endless. If you can dream it, we can build it.”

The cars will be assembled by Shelby American at its assembly facility in Las Vegas or authorized North American mod-shops. Every car will be listed in the official Shelby Registry. For more information about the all-new Shelby cars or a list of authorized dealers worldwide, visit

We were thankful to get a little sneak peek before the “storm” thanks to the Shelby American folks. Once the garage doors went up and the car covers came off the garage was packed with hundreds of people!

Shelby GTE Specifications:

Ford Performance Parts
•Ford Performance Handling Pack
•Ford Performance cat back Exhaust
•Ford Performance Power Pack: (V8 only): 456* Horsepower / 424* lb-ft of Torque

Shelby GTE Engine Tune
•2.3L EcoBoost engine tune: 335* Horsepower / 390* lb-ft of Torque

•Shelby spec performance tires
•Ford Performance wheels (19×9 front and 19×5 rear)

•Shelby GTE hood & vents
•Shelby GTE upper and lower grilles
•Shelby GTE rocker panels with carbon fiber accent plates
•Shelby GTE rear spoiler
•Shelby GTE striping and badging
•Ford Performance front splitter
•Powered by Ford Performance emblem
•Shelby GTE front grill emblem and Shelby c-pillar emblem
•Rear GTE emblem
•Washer nozzle relocation kit

•Shelby GTE dash plaque
•Shelby GTE head restraint cover set
•Shelby GTE sill plates
•Shelby GTE serialized dash plaque and engine plate
•Backlit Shelby GTE door sill plates
•Shelby GTE headrests
•Shelby GTE floor mats

Engine Appearance
•Shelby GTE engine plaque
•Shelby GTE engine cap kit

Optional Features

•Factory Ford Performance or Kenne Bell Supercharger (5.0L), 670 to 750+ horsepower
•Track ready cooling systems: engine, transmission, brakes and differential
•Forged Shelby wheels
•Track ready suspension systems
•Short-throw shifter
•One-piece drive shaft
•3:73 or 3:55 gears
•Wavetrac differential
•Shelby twin disc clutch kit

•Carbon fiber body components
•Convertible light bar
•Painted Or raw finish:
-Hood and rockers
-Mirror caps
-Tail light panel
-Rear diffuser

•Interior seating upholstery upgrade
•Shelby multi-gauge cluster
•Shelby engine cap kit
•Rear seat delete kit

* Estimated specifications with ratings to be finalized

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